Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I have been touched by all two of my readers' concern over my new diet.  They are apparently concerned over my health and perhaps even my decreasing life span.  But their fear is unfounded because the risk of my diet is insignificant compared to my being a smart ass while having a pregnant machetera-wife. In all seriousness, I know the term "low carb diet" conjures the image of all-you-can-eat bacon for every meal.  But that is not in fact a "Paleo" diet.  So what exactly do I eat?

I eat meat.  Lots of meat.  But with a focus on lean meat:  chicken breast, london broil, pork loin, fish, and any hapless vegetarian that strays into my path.  But I also eat a lot of veggies.  All I can stuff down.  Most meals are accompanied by a giant bowl of spinach salad.  Breakfast is usually two eggs, more meat, and coffee (milk, no sugar).  I know, milk isn't paleo, but neither is indoor plumbing.  A modern cave man has to draw the line somewhere.

Organic veggies from that hippie Mecca - EarthFare.
Purchased by the pound.

Tonight's dinner: baked fish.  Alas, the vegetarian got away.

There is also an emphasis on grass fed meats if you can get/afford them.  They have been a little difficult to track down.  Game meat is also highly desirable.  (Come hunting season, I'll write a post that will teach you city slickers what it means to put the "hunter" back into hunter-gatherer.)  This is all due to the type of fats that these types of meat contain.  Many people have heard that fish has "good fat," which is omega 3 fatty acids.  Our typical diet is high in grain fed meat, which is high in omega 6 fatty acids.  The omega 6 is essential, but the modern diet is too high in omega 6 relative to omega 3's.  Thus, fish, game meat, and grass fed meat is emphasized to restore what the proponents say is a healthy and natural ratio of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.   

All my reader(s) can relax.  Not only is my diet healthy, it's better than WeightGain 4000.

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